Howie Fields teaches us that How We Feel is determined by How We Hustle

Howie Fields is the CEO OF HD Brands, Pop Drops, & Claire’s Goodness

Howie is taking his startup food companies, Pop Drops, a disrupter in the billion-dollar soda industry, and Claire’s Goodness; simply the best new organic almond butter and protein bar company I have ever tasted (not a paid ad) to new levels.

Howie honed his communication skills working for “The Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort at Stratton Oakmont. After Wall St, he forayed in the fitness industry where he has owned several health clubs.

Howie has guided the overall number one draft choice Derrick Coleman and countless other pro athletes. In the fitness culture, Howie has worked with top-level bodybuilders such as 2 time Mr. Olympia, Breon Ansley, and Ms. Arnold, Candice Lewis Carter. 

In this episode, you will find out what Howie has done to train these high-level athletes to their peak performance.  


  1.  Pick ONE thing to change and get focused on it

  2.  Get granular in tracking your progress of that ONE thing

  3.  Positive Self Talk, Don't talk yourself out of your decision to change

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Tedd Huff: What's the story behind the moniker, "Howie Hustle"?

Howie Fields: My boys have always called me Howie Hustle. Since I was a kid, having a paper route, selling candy and gum in school, I've always been hustling. The nickname latched on early. Now that I'm older, Howie Hustle became "How We Hustle." 

Tedd : Our lives are built on our beliefs. What do you believe forced you to start having that mental toughness to start that hustle, to think you could do it?

Howie:  How it started with me was sports were a really important thing. I played everything as a kid. In sports they're always telling you hustle, work hard, and the thing about hustling is it's all about effort. You don't need anything else. But the number one thing about that is it gives you belief if yourself. People can say a lot of things, but they can't take away certain things that you can work for, and I understood that little piece as a kid, that you can say this, you can say that, but if you get me into a sporting arena, I'm gonna beat you. 

Tedd:  What would you say you have learned the most from the professional athletes and high level executives that you have worked with?

Howie: I think there's a correlation between the two. From elite executives, to elite athletes, from bodybuilding to football to basketball.

  1. They have a belief in themselves. That's number one.

  2. They work very hard.

When you have a bit of talent, you don't know you're good at something, people say, "hey, you're good at that." It makes you feel good, and you keep working on it. And then the more time you invest going 3 inches wide, a mile deep, that's where the fruit is. That's the key thing with all of these individuals. They don't focus on too many things. They don't get distracted. They focus on a handful of things which allow them to be successful and extremely elite.

Tedd: What have you seen and or taught individuals to help them regain that focus?

Howie: Once you realize you can do anything, everything becomes a distraction. I try to create environments of success. How do you create those environments of success? Daily rituals and habits. Like how I get up the same time each and every morning, each and every day is a new day, a new Monday. That way the weekends are no different than the weekdays. What successful people really do, is they create an environment that is bulletproof.

Tedd: What do you mean by bulletproof?

Howie: When I go to the gym, I call it gym time. But as in GYM Guard-Your-Mind Time. Same thing with bulletproof. When something is bulletproof, it can't get to you. So you create a bubble that is bulletproof, you give this 90-minute window, this 2-hour window, when there are no WMDs. Weapons of Mass Distraction. So the cellphone isn't on, the TV isn't on, 'cause when your cellphone is on, all the smart people in Silicon Valley have these notifications, ding ding ding like going to Vegas. It's natural for smart people, young or old, stimulation from the outside is a distraction.

Tedd: Has there been a recent change in a belief, behavior, or habit, that has become either non-negotiable, or changed the way you approach things? 

Howie: Yeah. Today is Sunday. I have a meeting with myself on Sunday's where I map out the week. Sunday is my strategy session for how the upcoming week will look like. I take the time to really schedule out what the rest of the week will look like.

Tedd: What does a day look like for you?

Howie: An environment of success is about daily rituals and habits. Each and every day I get up at 4:30. 4:30 starts today. I want to hit the ground running. I've already prepared my little stack that I take in the morning. I meditate. I try to focus my mind on being grateful, thankful right away. Get up. Run to the gym. Do my morning cardio, which is my morning meeting with myself. Stretch, then the sauna. All in 90 minutes. By feeding and helping myself first, I can start helping others.

Tedd: How would you help somebody get past the fear of going to the gym and being a beginner?

Howie: Here's the thing. It's funny. Every expert was once a beginner. It's simple. The challenge is just showing up.